From:Doug Miller
Subject:RE: fork tube service Date:Mon Dec 9 22:37:47 2013
Response to:19047
Bill, Though I tend to agree with the increase in the bushing size both bushings get the same pressure so the difference in lubrication may be the only difference in wear. Oh ya, the top one will get the least lubrication as the oil runs through the seal at the bottom. Good call. Doug

wondering if there is any intrest, I have straighted tubes with in .010 I did one this moring that was .190 tir and got it within .006 any where on that tube (checked on a bench center) also pulled old bushings and made new ones with more bearing surface 3.0" on top and 1.5" on bottom. just checking intrest right now. I think they came pretty sweet. currently I have four sets of straight tubes, two sets have new bushings ( have to get more bushing material)

thanks Bill