From:Bill Christensen
Subject:RE: RE: fork tube service Date:Mon Dec 9 23:35:38 2013
Response to:19048

as for the seals on the bottom of tube they are more of a wipper to keep dirt out. not so much for sealing oil in.
they wipe sliders from dirt. as for cost not sure, I thought maybe exchange send your tube in I send a set out then Iam not pushed to get your tubes done. then I could end up with lot of unrepairable tubes! you guys tell me what you want do you want your tubes repaired, or will you send me good cores and do exchange?

as far as sliders Mutt says he replaces the tubes. I will do this some day if I ever run out of good sliders to run.
a good set of bushings and sliders, then ride the snot out of it for the next 20 year before you do it agian!

Billy, any idea of the cost for straightening and re-bushing might run? Do
you have a way to deal with wear on the fork sliders (if that is what they are



wondering if there is any intrest, I have straighted tubes with in .010 I did
one this moring that was .190 tir and got it within .006 any where on that
tube (checked on a bench center) also pulled old bushings and made new
ones with more bearing surface 3.0" on top and 1.5" on bottom. just
checking intrest right now. I think they came pretty sweet. currently I have
four sets of straight tubes, two sets have new bushings ( have to get more
bushing material)

thanks Billy