From:Bill Christensen
Subject:fork tubes Date:Tue Dec 10 23:52:34 2013
OK (exchange) heres what you get one set of straight tubes within .010, new bronze bushings fitted and sized. 3.0" surface on top 1.5" surface on bottom. there will be no paint on them (need to strip them to get good indicator readings, checked on bench center) $140.00 plus shipping

what I expect of cores no rust inside, no flat spots, no bend creases. they can be bent. I have sorted though 7 set of tubes and only came up with 4 set I would sell to anyone. I have 5 more sets to look at.

I do remove the paint and emery them in the lathe, but I dont remove every nick and ding.

If you want your same tubes back not the exchange add $20.00 (they will be striped of paint!)

currently I have 2 sets made up, cant get any bushing material until 12-13 (and they didnt tell me how much I can get?)

Nokomis machine
1503 22nd street North
Humboldt, Iowa 50548
515-332-2753 8:00-5:30 cen.

Thanks Bill Christensen