From:h2odoc e-mail:h2odoc-A-nmt,edu
Subject:Looking for set of 48 Lever Perches Date:Sat Dec 14 20:13:40 2013
Hello Everybody:
After wearing Mutt's patience thin on the differences of clutch and brake lever perches and levers for my 48 125S, I now realize I have the thicker perch kind (~0.71 inches thick) that are not correct and do not fit the correct thin-slotted levers I finally managed to find.

According to Mutt, I need the thinner slotted perch (~0.53 inches thick)that takes the 3/4 inch clamp screw, not the 1 1/16 inch screws that my current perches take.

Long story short, does not anyone out there have a set that they would reluctantly part with or know of someone you does have a set possibly for sale?