From:Doug Miller
Subject:RE: RE: aluminum rim info ? Date:Sat Jan 4 17:24:13 2014
Response to:19128
I found the original installation sheet for the nonstock spokes and rims. It suggests the nipple holes would be to small and slightly misaligned and which way to file the holes to allow the nipples to not stress the spokes. Thank you Buchannons (so).

I built my wheels from 19" front rims from off road small bikes the stock 3.50 tires wouldn't fit so I've got 2.75s rated to 85mph on a 300lb bike. Buchanens(sp) supplied SS stokes with just the rim name/numbers and hub. I was cautioned to be aware of the nipple angle at the rim when I built the wheels. I looked, they're steel 19 X 1.40 and to narrow.

what do most folks use for an aluminum rim ? is there one off a jap bike that would work ? they're mostley all 36 spoke.