From:john dutra
Subject:RE: the club Date:Sun Jan 26 00:18:04 2014
Response to:19199
Ah yes,another case of the Hummer Bug. Well,you came to the
right place. All here have been struck with the same
malady.As far as swap meets go that kind of has to do with
your geographical location and or how far your willing to
drive/fly.There is a listing of the various swap meets on
the main page of this site with pictures. Gene Underwood and
myself will be hosting one in Dixon,Ca in June. You may want
to look into joining the Antique Motorcycle Club of America
(AMCA)if your not already a member. I believe most of the
swap meets are run through this fine organization. At any
rate welcome to our little community, you'll find many good
people here willing to help with advice and knowledge and
some very good vendors as well.Here's wishing you and your
Dad the best of times in your new shared passion.
P.S. How about posting some pictures ?

I am retired Navy man and loved Harleys my whole life. My
Dad recently purchased two 64 and 65 175cc hummer and I have
feel in love with these things, so has he. Would like to
know when there is a show or swap meet or anything to do
with them we are looking for more to buy and fix up also.
Thanks Spee