From:Tom Wallace
Subject:RE: AMCA Meet and Hummer Tent Date:Sun Mar 2 19:13:03 2014
Response to:19316

The Hummer Club Tent will be in full swing next weekend at
the Sunshine Chapter AMCA Meet at the Silver Sands Briddle
Club, New Smyrna Beach Fl. March 6,7,8
Club members Terry Warnkins and Don Biter will be helping host
this years meet and will have their wonderfull machines on
display- the stories behind these 2 bikes are really great.
I didn't get my project as far along as planned but it will
still be there,we will have tables set up for your parts that
you might want to sell or trade with others,bring your bike-
finished or not,the spot is 20x60 so there is room for all.
Same spots as last year J-1,2,3~our phone number is 352-303-
7418 if you need help unloading or finding us,tell them at the
gate you are WITH the Hummer Club and are bringing things to
display~then call me,will meet ya at the gate