From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: !951 front brake side plate Date:Sat Mar 8 21:28:10 2014
Response to:19331
I found a box of "side plates", and I have two 44142-51's and two 44142-51A side plates. I see one minor difference in the bearing area in the center.

I suspect the 44144-51 was an "assembly" with the fixed 44150-51 "torque pin", which is a riveted assembly, although the parts book does not mention this. I don't know for sure.

The 1951 and 1955 parts books show the 44144-51. The 1966 parts book shows the 44144-57A for late-1957 and later. I suspect this uses the 44142-51A side plate with the 44150-51 torque pin.

The 1951 parts book also shows the 44144-47 side plate (assembly?).

The 1949 Parts book shows the 43911-47 side plate (assembly?). I have 4 of the 43916-47 side plates, which I suspect went into the 43911-47 assembly. Harley renumbered many parts in 1951, and I suspect the 43911 assembly was renumbered to the 44147-47 side plate assembly.

Clear as mud?