Subject:RE: RE: 53 T 1782 Date:Thu Mar 13 02:52:02 2014
Response to:19348
I was told all 53 were 165.. The 125 didn't reappear untill 1955. I'm just
thinking someone accidentally forgot to stamp the S or your S has been
rubbed off. If you look at the how to identify section; 53 BTH has been
reported as a valid Vin. because a person stamped it, that person might
have had a sense of humor or had a bad day. I found a peace symbol and
the the name Dave Johnson etched on the gas tank area of my 68 vette.
Harley D is notorious for not sticking to a naming protocol. They once did
only odd numbers in one year and then only even numbers. Some say it
was to make it seem that their sales were better than it was.