Subject:RE: RE: Newbie Date:Thu Mar 20 16:00:44 2014
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I hope these pics load?

Engine starts and runs - that's good. Not running well could be a minor problem like points and plugs or gummed-up exhaust system.

What you want to look for is that it has all the expensive items in good condition. Headlight, taillight, speedometer, horn, toolbox, fenders, fork panel, exhaust pipe and muffler. The 1954 has a gold-colored 50th Anniversary emblem on the front fender - it's $$$.

Go over to the How To Restore section, Chapter 23, and click on the picture of the bike so it expands. Print it out, and take it with you when you look at the bike next.
Make notes on the picture of how the bike compares to the picture.

Take your digital camera and take some photos - then post one or two here. It's hard to give much advice without seeing it.


I have a line on a 1954 165 hummer. I don't know much about them. So I am asking a few questions that may seem easy for those in the know. The bike I am looking at is in fair body arts condition, it does start but doesn't run well. A complete bike although I haven't seen it myself.
I know this is limited info but what would the value be? and I think that there would not be many parts available or is there? I love the style of these bikes and the ridged frame is an added bonus although not for long rides.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks Ray