From:Gene Underwood
Subject:Beware of Brian moon Date:Fri Mar 28 01:18:44 2014
There was an ad in antique motorcycling magazine for a 49 bsa, hummer, and moskva for sale. I contacted guy, he gave me a price for the moskva and harley, I agreed to his terms, and started soliciting bids for shipping, using the crate dimensions that mr Brian moon told me was gonna be the size of the crate he was gonna build for me for my purchases!
I sent check, and then emailed him again regarding the dimensions and weight of the crate. He then informed me that he was gonna send the check back to me because he made a later deal with someone else for more money. For the bikes, and would be sending my check back.
I think that is a very crappy way to do business with a fellow person.
His name is Brian Moon. His address is in Colorado. Don't do business with him. He is not a man of his word. At least he didn't keep the money from the check! Sincerely, Gene