Subject:parts for sale before I eBay them Date:Sat Apr 26 17:45:48 2014
I have a pair of front/rear fenders (originally hi fi blue) correct for 1961 Super 10 and 1962 Pacer. Really hard to find and no one will ever repop them. I also have a really nice fork panel, also originally hi fi blue, no dents or rust, all 4 corners intact, correct for 1959 ST, 1960-61 Super 10, 1962-65 Pacer . I wanted to list them here first as eBay has gotten so outrageous with their listing fees/final value fees/paypal charges (14.18%), I would rather sell them here if I can. I would like $150 for each fender and $125 for the fork panel (plus shipping or course). Will consider a package deal if you buy all 3 pieces. I need to sell these to fund a 56 ST restoration.