Subject:RE: Did Dean Hummer ever BUILD a Hummer? Date:Mon Apr 28 11:49:04 2014
Response to:19464

In the current Ebay listing for the custom painted 58B Hummer,
the seller (garlic60) claims that the bike was one of only 30
Hummers that were "assembled" at Dean Hummer's shop in
Omaha,Nebraska. It is now common knowledge that the Hummer
was named after Dean because of his outstanding sales of
Harley lightweights in the 50's. But, I have never read where
Dean actually "built," or "assembled" any Hummers at his
dealership, although he sold the heck out of them for years.
Could someone please answer this question. Did Dean ever
build or "assemble" a Hummer at his shop in Omaha, Nebraska?