From:Duane Taylor
Subject:RE: deal of the month Date:Sun May 4 11:06:12 2014
Response to:19486
I need the rotor and have one of NOS parts you need for a trade.
Duane Taylor

Here is a deal that would be hard to pass up these days.

I have a brand spanking new NOS in the box 29571-55 Magneto rotor fits all B, BT, BTU, BTH,& BTF models. In original Harley box with the part # on the box, rotor still has original steel shipping band on it.

I am sure most folks know, that are building one of these model bikes, it is near impossible to find even a good used rotor these days, think how hard it will be to find a NOS one , still in the box !!!

The rotor ain't for sale but for trade only. Here are some parts I would trade the rotor for.

The part you trade has to be NOS, in factory new condition, as is this rotor.

25406-47 primary cover (53 and later)
29574-58 ignition coil
29570-55 magneto frame
37711-53 clutch basket
44071-47 brake shoe (2 pair)
43000-55 black 18" rim
62125-50 petcock
62125-55 petcock