From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: NOS tail light lenses Date:Mon May 5 19:12:59 2014
Response to:19488

Just an interesting note on the bullet taillight red lens used on the 1948-1955 Models 125 and 165. These lenses were marked "HD 125".

My 1954 KH came with a "HD 125" red lens. In the box of spare parts, I found another red lens that had the flange broken badly - it was also a HD 125".

It appears that all the K and KH models 1952-1955 used the HD 125 lenses.

The 68091-20 red lens was used on big twins and 45's through 1938. They had a beehive pattern inside.

For the 1948 Model 125, Harley continued using the 68091-20 part number, but the lenses now had a pebbled finish inside, and the HD 125 marking on the outside, right near the point. I guess in 1952, they just used the same lens on the new K model.

In 1956, both the Model 165 and Model KH changed taillights to a larger, more modern size.


If any one needs a NOS tail light lens for the 60-later tail lights, this guy has 2 or 3 up for sale. Just saying......................