Subject:RE: RE: RE: NOS tail light lenses Date:Mon May 5 20:19:22 2014
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The 48-50 tail lamps came stock with the wire retainer. The spiral ring came out the same year they put the bullet on the tail light

"I found another red lens that had the flange broken badly"
I had this happen to me when I used the wrong retaining ring to hold the lens in. The tail light housing was designed for a ring that looks like three turns of a slinky that you 'wind' into place. I used the round spring ring for the big H-D's and it was too large in diameter and broke the lens flange.


Just an interesting note on the bullet taillight red lens used on the 1948-1955 Models 125 and 165. These lenses were marked "HD 125".

My 1954 KH came with a "HD 125" red lens. In the box of spare parts, I found another red lens that had the flange broken badly - it was also a HD 125".

It appears that all the K and KH models 1952-1955 used the HD 125 lenses.

The 68091-20 red lens was used on big twins and 45's through 1938. They had a beehive pattern inside.

For the 1948 Model 125, Harley continued using the 68091-20 part number, but the lenses now had a pebbled finish inside, and the HD 125 marking on the outside, right near the point. I guess in 1952, they just used the same lens on the new K model.

In 1956, both the Model 165 and Model KH changed taillights to a larger, more modern size.


If any one needs a NOS tail light lens for the 60-later tail lights, this guy has 2 or 3 up for sale. Just saying......................