From:Travis Scott
Subject:RE: RE: 58 and 62 barn finds Date:Fri May 9 20:29:41 2014
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Hi there,

I tried emailing to your address above but it doesn't work.
Please email me directly. I think I can be of some assistance to you.
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The Harley Hummer Nut

Here is another pic from a different angle.

Hello everyone, I came across a couple of barn finds and thought about looking for the missing pieces but I may be getting in over my head. I picked up 5 collectible bikes at an estate and I need a little advice on what to do with them.
According to family members these 2 Harleys were fully restored back in 2000. at one time the fender on one and the tank on the other were sent out to repair some scratches and were never picked up. so they are gone.

I do have the seats and a carrier rack. one seat was left outside and is in terrible shape. other is good.

1957 Harley Hummer 165 (the one with the tank ) vin# 57ST1182 Has BOS.

1962 HARLEY BTH 175 vin # 62BTH4516 Has title Any suggestions?

Your help is much appreciated. Cheers, Tom