From:Travis Scott
Subject:Hummers available Date:Fri May 9 20:40:32 2014
I have 4 Hummers available for your purchase.
I have 2 flat track race bikes. Built with all NOS Puckett parts. Brand new. NEVER RACED!! One is a one of a kind 1954 and the other is a 1955 stripped down to be as light as possible. It even has the rare Puckett race gears!
I have an all original '62 Scat but have rebuilt the motor with all NOS parts but left it to look original. This motor did receive some performance upgrades.
I also have a '63 Scat that is all original and correct except the front fender is the wrong color. 100% complete and correct. Starts and runs fine. Ride it as-is or a very easy restoration.
Write or call me DIRECTLY at 719-641-6484 or