From:Brian Kent
Subject:RE: RE: Cannonball Run for Hummer and other small CC Motorcycles Date:Wed May 14 19:59:48 2014
Response to:19396
Sounds like a great trip, I would like to do it!

Great idea! Count me in. I would love to take my 1962 Harley
Scat on a
long run.


We all know about the Cannonball Run for Pre-1936
motorcycles from
coast to coast, a few of us have been talking about a North
to South run for
lightweight small CC Antique Motorcycles.

The run would start at the Gulf of Mexico and run to the
Great Lakes,
covering approximately 2,000 miles in 6 days for 1948 –
1966, 125cc –
250cc motorcycles.

There is nothing planned right now this is just to see the
interest in a “Run
for the Border Cannonball” for small Antique Motorcycles.

If you have an interested in such a run please send me an e-
mail at