From:Dr Pepper
Subject:RE: RE: RE: Cannonball Run for Hummer and other small CC Motorcycles Date:Wed May 14 20:30:15 2014
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It does sound like fun, untill then we could Cheer for member Richard Duda with his 24 Henderson build,he will be riding in the up coming Cannonball Run in Sept.from Fl. to Washington State,all bikes must be 1930 or under ,Good Luck Richard, I'm rootin for ya!- photo's of the build are on his blog,,

Sounds like a great trip, I would like to do it!

Great idea! Count me in. I would love to take my 1962 Harley
Scat on a
long run.


We all know about the Cannonball Run for Pre-1936
motorcycles from
coast to coast, a few of us have been talking about a North
to South run for
lightweight small CC Antique Motorcycles.

The run would start at the Gulf of Mexico and run to the
Great Lakes,
covering approximately 2,000 miles in 6 days for 1948 –
1966, 125cc –
250cc motorcycles.

There is nothing planned right now this is just to see the
interest in a “Run
for the Border Cannonball” for small Antique Motorcycles.

If you have an interested in such a run please send me an e-
mail at