From:Dr Pepper
Subject:RE: 1966 Bobcat For Sale NJ Date:Fri May 16 21:58:28 2014
Response to:19432

For yesterday's trivia: the BOBCAT!

Built only for one year, 1966, the BOBCAT was advertised as "Lean and lithe... long and low! A new flair in design from Harley-Davidson. That's the BOBCAT with the "new look" in motorcycling. BOBCAT is sportscar styled, as sleek as its namesake, with a modern thermo-plastic body. It stands apart from anything you've ever seen on two wheels. Yes, one look and BOBCAT will purr its way into your cycling dreams."

I have a 1966 Bobcat for sale. It needs a restore. And new fiberglass body. Most of the one year parts are there. I'm in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ...

Trying real hard not to part it out on eBay.