From:Doug Miller
Subject:RE: Info needed Date:Sun May 18 23:15:07 2014
Response to:19520
The frame has no useful numbers, the one you see is a casting number for the cast head tube. The #54B---- suggests it is a 1954 hummer NOT a bike Harley recognizes as having made. It possibly was made by a shop with a case provided for a repair or race bike, The number will NOT be registered to another bike.

This page found in the club archives under "restore", chapter 2: serial numbers and production. ""

The renumbering a case is heard but not common. Title may be hard to get if you get a really knowledgeable vin inspector. If it has a title you can probably keep it.

I came across this bike that has the following numbers. Can some one clarify this for me?
he serial # on the frame is 47454-53 and the one on the motor is 54B 2545