From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: E-bay 1958 for sale Date:Wed May 28 22:48:44 2014
Response to:19530
The high bid so far is $3500, but the reserve has not yet been met. So it'll be higher dollars than that.

The charm of an original paint bike is that it looks good - as it is. However, if you paint that rusty muffler, it may stick out against the rest of the bike. When you paint one wall of your house, then all the other walls look dingy.

Look at the photo of the toolbox. The toolbox and frame are all scratched and dinged up. Look at all the sheetmetal - not a scratch anywhere, except a couple little dings in the decals.

I've never bought a bike "mail order" - I've always looked at them in person. I'd suggest going to look at this one in person for two reasons - first, photos and in-person often look different.

Second, "IT HAS NOT BEEN STARTED IN 15 YEARS. WHEN IT DID RUN, IT SMOKED A BIT MORE THAN NORMAL". That's all you know about the engine, and I'd want to know a lot more.

I see there is a 165 cc for sale on E-bay for $3500. It would cost me about $550 to ship it so say $4050. It says it has run recently and some rust is apparent, but also most of the original red/white paint. Any opinions on the price? It is ten times what I paid for a similar one in 1961!