From:Perry Ruiter
Subject:RE: RE: eBay Ad Date:Thu Jun 5 12:00:59 2014
Response to:19572
Not a Hummer but a 1972 Lawnboy. I have a ten litre can I keep mixed gas in. Usually I mow in the fall until the can is empty. On Dec. 31st 1999 my wife decides we need some spare gas around just in case there is anything to this whole Y2K thing. I wander out to the gas, find my empty mixed can, run down and fill it up, put it back in the corner and think nothing more about.
May rolls around, time to cut the lawn, I go out and my mixed can is full. That's odd, usually I mow until it's empty. Oh well I must have filled it at the end of the season for some reason. Fill the Lawnboy and mow my lawn (1 hour running time). Fill the Lawnboy and mow my mother-in-law's lawn (1/2 hour running time). Week or two later, get half way through my lawn and it seizes. So two hours total. That's when the penny drops, my mixed can is full of straight gas!
Of course, since I had killed it I had to fix it. Still using it to this day, but it has never been the same.
Anyone considering the bike on eBay, it's junk from a correctness/restoration perspective. The mounting perches for the carb covers have been machined off the cases (giving them a 125/Hummer look). To turn it into a stock bike, you start with replacing the cases! ... Perry

Always Great to Learn something new. Or Not.
I wonder where he came up with that info.?
First 4 Stroke Hummer. Or First Oil Injected Hummer.
I think not.

He also states, he has only driven 25mph. So maybe no damage yet?

Question for the HUMMER PRO's?
How long can you drive a Hummer Without any 2Stroke Oil?
Miles or Time?
This should bring out a few good stories.

I was looking at this ad and discovered something i didn't know -

"This is a 165 motor. The easiest way to tell is that the 125 requires a gas/oil mix and the 165 which this bike is, only gas."