From:Harry McGill
Subject:RE: RE: RE: eBay Ad Date:Thu Jun 5 16:28:05 2014
Response to:19573
This article brings back memories. Back in the early 60s we had a 2-cycle lawn mower, very hard starting. Had a separate rope with a knot on the end and you wind it around the pulley located on top the fly wheel. Thoughtthe oil mix might be too much so drained the mixed fuel and filled with straight gasoline to flush it out. Started real easy but the RPM rose rapidly reaching a sound about like a jet engine. Everyone headed for cover, thought for sure it would disintegrate but just before take off the engine seized. Run time was less than 30 seconds.


I wish I'd known - I've wasted a whole lot of money on oil over the years!

I bought an Echo SRM-200 string trimmer way back in 1986. I would fill a 1-gallon gas can, and add in the oil as soon as I got home. One day, in 2006, I didn't, and it didn't whack too many more weeds before the piston seized. I was quite angry at myself - it probably would have lasted another 20 years.

Backyard Bob explained (and perhaps I'm not repeating it correctly) that the surface of modern aluminum cylinders is somehow impregnated with silicone, and once you scuff the cylinder, you throw it away. I tried to fix it, but ultimately my beloved SRM-200 went in the trash.

Back in 1948, they hadn't invented much of anything, so Hummers can be re-bored and re-ringed.

I've never driven a Hummer without oil. I suspect you might be able to start it up and drive it around the block at 20 mph without causing major damage. Well, apparently this guy has!

Always Great to Learn something new. Or Not.
I wonder where he came up with that info.?
First 4 Stroke Hummer. Or First Oil Injected Hummer.
I think not.

He also states, he has only driven 25mph. So maybe no damage yet?

Question for the HUMMER PRO's?
How long can you drive a Hummer Without any 2Stroke Oil?
Miles or Time?
This should bring out a few good stories.

I was looking at this ad and discovered something i didn't know -

"This is a 165 motor. The easiest way to tell is that the 125 requires a gas/oil mix and the 165 which this bike is, only gas."