From:Gene Underwood
Subject:RE: THE DIXON MEET 2014 Date:Fri Jun 6 02:02:29 2014
Response to:19579
Thank you john dutra for the mention and the picture of my "winners circle"
1962 Harley Davidson pacer bt unrestored original!
John and I will be there with our bikes to show and tell stories and just to
enjoy the atmosphere of these lovely old bikes, that not a lot of people
seem to know even exist!
I will have my
1951 restored sky blue harley 125s;
1959 heavily modified black and red 1959 hummer;
1962 harley pacer BT unrestored original;
And My latest bike... Completely restored 1963 Harley Davidson scat, in
black and white exactly like the one in the harley museum in Milwaukee.
I will also have my1964 harley topper with factory sidecar there,
And if there is room I may bring my 1956 bsa bantam d3 major,
And 1967 honda 160 touring bike.
John will h e "wild child", his gorgeous 1961 harley super ten there.
We will feed ya, and keep ya in liquid libations during your entire visit to the
Harley Hummer Hospitality Hut.
Sincerely, gene and john. Your west coast representatives.

Just a reminder that this years Dixon meet is June 20th & 21st.Gene
Underwood and myself hope to see as many of you as possible there. The
Hummer tent's will be set up at the same location as last year:smack dab in
the middle of the main field. Stop by and say hello.
Thanks, John.