Subject:RE: Racing Info Date:Sat Jun 7 10:35:11 2014
Response to:19586
Fred, install the piston on the rod with no rings, install a base gasket and the cylinder. Turn the crank over until the piston is at TDC. Shine a flash light into the intake port and using a sharp pointed stiff wire, mark the bottom of the piston skirt along the upper edge and along the sides of the intake opening in the bore. Remove the piston and remove the material from the piston. You are trying to remove only what is in the way of the flow of fuel.


Am building a 1959 165 race motor. Used the Puckett drawings to modify the crankcases/cylinder but the drawing of the piston is a bit unclear on skirt length on the intake side and further modifications. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Have a Puckett head / crank stuffer, etc. Would like to have it ready for Wauseon and Davenport.
Thanks, Fred in Minnesota