From:Doug Miller
Subject:RE: RE: Harley hummer Date:Mon Jun 23 22:59:45 2014
Response to:19637
I have to differ with Dave on this one. If you want one of this vintage Yes it is fine to restore.

Your question was restore. Did you mean RESTORE, like 97 points at the judged show? No, this will never make that. As a "rider" you'll invest lots of time fixing and time studying to get it to be a "rider", It'll break you if you send it out to rebuild.

You will never make the time of your work invested back in dollars but with an engine and LOTS of time you could get this in a nice running condition.

Only my opinion. How much do you know already, sanding, painting, metal patching, wiring, upholstery?


It's a 1948, 49, or 50. The serial number is on the engine.

I'm sorry to say that there isn't enough there to restore. If you had another one of that vintage, you might be able to use a few of the parts from this one.


I would like to know what year this is?im guessing a 48 and is it worth restoring?email me with info.