Subject:RE: RE: RE: 62 Scat Magneto Date:Tue Jun 24 20:15:59 2014
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Thanks Mutt!

loosen both sets of points and push them away from the cam.
Remove the 4 screws that hold the mag frame to the case. Unhook any wiring that may still be on the mag, not the coils, just the wiring harness.You can now slide the magneto frame off the motor.
Get a 1" socket and an air impact. Hold the rotor with one hand and remove the nut . It is regular thread CCW to remove. Remove nut, followed by both cams. Remove key. Use a small 4 jaw puller and position the feet at the 4 rivets and slowly screw in the center bolt on the puller and slide the rotor off the shaft. Remove second key. Remove 3 screws holding seal housing in place, then use a small slotted screwdriver to get behind the housing and slide if off. That's all there is too it. If you have to apply a lot of pressure to the rotor, stop. If you are doing a tear down, remove left case, block up right case and use a press to press the shaft and flywheels out of the rotor.

I'd appreciate learning about this procedure also as the 'book' doesn't go into detail. Does the clutch cover have to come off and the clutch be 'held' to get off the big nut on the mag side? Do we have to pry the mag plate out after removing the bolts? Are there locator pins to align it when it goes back in? Etc.

Novice: Can someone please lay out the process for removing a magneto from the casing?