From:Johnny Daney
Subject:tires Date:Wed Jul 9 17:44:22 2014
Hi,new to the site/club.I have a 1960 S10 that I've owned for a/b 12 years.I finally got it running.Its all original.It came with a buddy seat that someone had built tool boxes under-looks professional.I put a repop solo seat on it.I'll sell the seat if anyone is interested.I'll bring it to the Wauseon meet next week,I'm usually in section H along the fence.The tires are holding air,but they are really cracked,whats a good source for original looking tires?The size is 350-18.The ones from Cocker are bias,does that make a big difference on these bikes?I live near the Harley Museum in Milw.and am thinking of riding it there this Sat.for a big meet and field games,but not sure a/b the rubber. Johnny Daneey Milw./Daytona Beach