Subject:RE: 1949 125 Date:Sat Jul 12 23:04:53 2014
Response to:19675
The best place to get an evaluation is by studying the selling history of these bikes on eBay*. Value is based on condition and desirability of the particular year/model. A number of sellers make the mistake of thinking "if it's old it's valuable' and fail to take into consideration the amount of time, effort and money to bring these bikes back to running condition, let alone Show Winners. Serious collectors take all of these factors into consideration. When you post your photos show as many close-up details as possible and I know the members here will respond with honest answers. Please let everyone know if you have a Title for it as it's getting very difficult and expensive to title untitled vehicles.
* selling price also includes shipping to the buyer and sales commission to the seller to eBay.....and more if PayPal is used.

I have what I believe is a 1949 H-D125 and will be selling it soon. Where can I get a value idea on it ? Where would be the best place to sell it ? Will take & post pictures tomorrow.