From:Gene Underwood
Subject:How many parts in a 63 scat? Date:Sun Jul 13 17:49:55 2014
My 63 had scat is almost done. As far as I can tell, there is approximately 1130 total parts to this bike, and I'm missing 11 of them!
Can anyone help me??.?? I need the following:
#7122 lock washer
#65292-57 bracket muffler high level
#65298-63 hangar muffler high level
#65523-63 hangar exhaust pipe high level
#65711-38 screw (2 of them)
#617 spiral pin
#50019-52 pivot seat
#50090-63 ramp jiffy stand
#69030-59 terminal screw (2 of them )

Thank you in advance for helping me complete " Phoenix the Scat"
Sincerely, gene underwood