From:Gene Underwood
Subject:RE: RE: 63 scat correction Date:Tue Jul 15 22:52:45 2014
Response to:19698

Thanks I'd appreciate that! The other thing not quite making sense to me is
how the spring and parts fit in front of the stop light switch down by the right
foot. My email is Gene
I can send you some pictures Wed if you don't yet have any. Tried to use
the e mail shown in your post. Message was "not valid e mail"?

Ok, I'm surprised no one has correct ed me! Either no one is
reading my posts, or no one has caught it. I'm restoring a 1963 scat with
high level exhaust. I asked for parts I'm lacking, but it now seems I'm
asking for wrong parts. The bike is a 63 scat bth. I'm hopefully someone
has a close up picture of how to connect the exhaust system. If you do,
please post for me. Thanks in advance! Gene