From:Travis Scott
Subject:CAD PARTS FOR TRADE Date:Sat Jul 19 17:05:39 2014
Hello fellow Hummer enthusiasts!
I have a bunch of freshly cad plated parts that I would like to offer to trade for some good condition original parts I need for a "Rustoration" I am doing to a 1953 165.
All I need to finish up this bike for the owners is a muffler, a pair of carb covers and a rear fender tip and an old battery that I can hollow out. I will either trade a selection of these cad parts or I will buy out right. I need the muffler to be at least an 8 on a scale from 1 to 10. The fender tip and carb covers can be really dirty and oxidized or if necessary I would consider repop on these as I can add the "patina" to them.
Email me directly at or call 719-641-6484