Subject:RE: Hummer Race bike available Date:Sat Jul 19 19:52:19 2014
Response to:19705
You should have brought that bike to Wauseon this year. The #00 bike did very well and the #65 bike did OK too, but the trophy went to a 2 cyl piece of Jap Crap (not fair completion IMO) We need some more serious competitors from the Milwaukee lightweights. There was even a 13 year old girl riding one in the class this year, we hope she stays with it and makes us proud!
Hello Fellow hummer enthusiasts ! I have a 1955 165 Flat Track race bike that I am making available to all you race fans and wanna-be's.
It is like new and has only been started a half dozen times. The motor was built by Stan Waite of the "Thunder Hummer" fame. Stan had built many of the race bike motors you will see at Davenport and the other race venues back east. It was built with the last of my NOS Puckett race parts and even has the extremely rare and impossible to find race gears. Comes with two sets of bars and several rear sprockets.
Don't miss out on another year of great fun racing ! Email me directly at
or call 719-641-6484