Subject:RE: RE: 1956 st Date:Sat Jul 19 22:46:20 2014
Response to:19711

not sure yet. just finished it this afternoon. my buddy and I have been riding it and my B model around town most of the day. STILL HAVING FUN!!! HOW ABOUT A OFFER TO MY EMAIL

one more thing, my vendor spot at Davenport is K16.
My life at is time is very busy, so excuse me if don't get back to everyone right away, I got tonight and then Monday eve after that ? but will try to check messages often.

thanks Bill

Hi Bill - How much are you asking? Thanks, Denny

this is a 56 st 165cc for sale it has some good points
and some bad it has the wrong tail light,no speedo, needs
paint, and some hardware store bolts.

good points it runs very good, has title, correct horn and
works, (by the way every thing works brake lights, head
light hi-lo ect.) new battery, new wire harness, new header
pipe and muffler, new switch, new brake light switch,
bore is .010 over. just got this bike about a month ago rear
wheel was messed up so relaced the wheel, tires are new but,
I have had them about 12 years (so new but old).
top end has been cleaned out. lots of new small items
battery top & strap, rear chain, ect.

selling it to help the cause for three others I am
restoring. will be in Davenport if not sold be for then.

515-332-2753 week days my work number Humboldt, Iowa
I will add a picture of other side in another post soon.