From:Kenny Thomas
Subject:Hummer Flat Track Race at Wauseon Date:Fri Jul 25 12:08:49 2014
Hey Guys, this class was made for the Harley 165/175 in 1992 to race at Davenport. They have raced every year since. It really took off for a while. One year we had 14 HD 165s. Some years later Wauseon picked it up. All you have to do is read the rules for this class. The heading says"165 LIGHTWEIGHT-1948-1966". Rule number 2 says "years of bikes are 1948-1966 Harley Davidson. And other rules gives you the guide lines of what you can do to them. I understand entries were low at Wauseon this year, but letting a Jap bike race (was it a 160 Honda?) is surely not going to make the class grow. We need to keep it a 165 Harley class. AHRMA has a road race class just for the 160 Honda. I would like to see that class added to Davenport and Wauseon. As far as the BSA Bantam goes, I have one and thought about building it for the 165 Harley class. I talked to Matt George (the promoter at Davenport) and he said if 1/2 of the riders oked it, it would be ok with him. More than 1/2 that I talked to said they didn't have a problem with it. I don't think that the Bantam could be made into a threat this late. Some of the Harley racers have had a bunch of years to make them go fast. But, it would bring out some more interest for the class which is what we need to keep it going. So, if any of you have a Bantam to race, bring it to Davenport and I'm sure you could race it on a trial basis and the rest of you need to object to the Jap Twins running or it will turn into that class. Is that what you want?