From:Backyard Bob e-mail:NJ
Subject:RE: Newbie - Found me a Hummer Date:Thu Jul 31 23:36:57 2014
Response to:19749
This is a first. We've all seen strange configurations before but this one takes the cake with the additional fender and muffler configuration! Use what ya got at hand applies here. I love it!

Hello Hummer Riders - Bought my last Hummer in 1973 . Just found this one last month , I sure appreciate all the information on this site . My Hummer is a 1951 I bought it from 82 year man who bought it in 51. He used it for hunting and said he pulled 27 Bucks out of the Hills with this Hummer. It's great to find another Hummer after all these years . Anyway thanks to you all on this site - Mark Bourassa.