From:Dave Hennessey e-mail:dave-A-toyhouse,org
Subject:RE: Air cleaner element Date:Sat Aug 2 23:37:29 2014
Response to:19762
The air cleaner was an accessory on the 55 and 56 (and later?) Hummers, so you're already better than stock!

The originals mostly had a copper mesh, but I've seen ones (I had one a long time ago) that had some kind of plated (tin?) steel mesh.

I'd go to the dollar store or grocery store, and get a kitchen "scrungie" in either copper or stainless steel, and stuff that inside.

Not doing a 100 point restore on my '56B, so I thought it needed an air cleaner. Here it is, with a domed screen. Experts: what do I use as a material to fill it?