Subject:RE: just bought a 51 need some help Date:Sun Aug 3 18:36:40 2014
Response to:19766
Welcome Ryan,
The first thing you need to do is go to the 'How to Restore' section and read up on the literature for your model. After that read up online about how a two-stroke motor works (unless you already know). Then purchase a Parts book and a Service manual for your model. Reprints are available at reasonable prices. If you're just attempting to see if it runs score a wiring diagram and apply the knowledge you already have with cars. Once you've gone through (some/all) of these steps you'll know the right questions to ask the members.
Best of Luck ...and again, Welcome!

Hi my names ryan. I recently just bought a 51. Im looking for anyone that would be intrested in schooling me on the ins and outs of the bike. Ive worked on cars just never a bike. Im not looking to fully restore it but im not chopping it up either just looking for help getting it running. Any help would be great please and thank you. My email is