From:Steve Carr
Subject:RE: RE: RE: Air cleaner element Date:Mon Aug 4 08:51:51 2014
Response to:19765
Thanks guys. I think I'll go with the oiled foam. We live on a gravel road and it is super dusty.

If you put a light oil (like 3-1) on the Scrungie it traps dirt better. Another way is to go to the lawnmower shop and ask to look at the foam air cleaner inserts. Choose one larger than the canister and cut it to fit with the wife's scissors. Add oil to that one too and squeeze out the excess.

The air cleaner was an accessory on the 55 and 56 (and later?) Hummers, so you're already better than stock!

The originals mostly had a copper mesh, but I've seen ones (I had one a long time ago) that had some kind of plated (tin?) steel mesh.

I'd go to the dollar store or grocery store, and get a kitchen "scrungie" in either copper or stainless steel, and stuff that inside.

Not doing a 100 point restore on my '56B, so I thought it needed an air cleaner. Here it is, with a domed screen. Experts: what do I use as a material to fill it?