Subject:RE: RE: fenders Date:Sat Aug 9 21:24:59 2014
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Good info thanks. Don't have title but that wont be a problem, I do a fair amount of auto restoration and I know that angle. engine turns over freely so I'm lookin forward to gievin it a rebuild and goin for it. I should brobibly find a book on this thing also thanks again!


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The Grammar Police respond:
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Before you start buying parts, there are some important first steps. (1) Did you get a title with it? If you plan to put it on the road one day, now's the time to address this issue. (2) What condition is the engine in? Locked-up? Turns freely? Already got it started? A set of rings is cheap, but sending the engine out for a total rebuild can be pretty costly.

Once you've got these two figured out, contact Taylor Classic Cycles (contact info in the "Parts" section of this website) - he makes the fenders and many other parts.