From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: RE: RE: fenders Date:Sun Aug 10 10:20:22 2014
Response to:19786
THE BOOK to get is 1958-1966 American-Made Lightweights, Part# 99444-93, available from your local Harley dealer. He won't have it in stock, but can order it and have it in about a week. Only $40.

It has a Service Manual and a Spare Parts Catalog, along with additional info on accessories and colors. The additional information is where the Club got a lot of info on stock paint colors.

It contains the same for Toppers also.

No, you can't buy one just by pointing and clicking. But serious Hummer guys and girls invest the time needed to get one.

Look over in the Parts section of this website - Harley is at the top of the list - there are many other good books in their "antique literature" section - particularly The Legend Begins.

I should brobibly find a book on this thing