From:Gene Underwood
Subject:RE: Mockba m1a info needed Date:Mon Aug 11 01:44:56 2014
Response to:19738
Hello again hummerites. I guess there is NO ONE on here who knows
anything about gage Mockba m1a. That's ok. I've narrowed te bike down. I
now believe it's a 1954 kovrov arms factory k-125, which also used the
DKW knock off motor like all the others. Anyone know of these???
Thanks yet again! Gene

Good morning gents.
I am looking for detailed info about the Mockba. Production numbers, year
models, differences (like what years had cantilevered front end and which
years were telescoping front forks) etc.also, what colors did they come in,
is there any manuals anywhere?
Any help appreciated! Thanks in advance! Gene