From:Dave L
Subject:RE: RE: RE: RE: New Owner Date:Sat Aug 30 12:47:06 2014
Response to:19828
I'm pretty sure the blinkers were added by my father-in-law. Looks like he did a bit of wiring at different times. Most likely because the switches failed and he used what he had to get the lights and horn working. The tail light I'm to sure about. If it's an add on he did a great job joining the bracket to the fender.

I'm with CJ on the blinkers. I put some on a 48 but those are the only ones I've ever seen on these bikes. I recomend keeping them.

The taillight looks like a Honda a; plastic lens model, Works? keep it. at least untill you have the perfist replacement. The little bullet taillights don't give off very much light. They are very difficult to see.

I've never seen blinkers on a 165.

I wonder if they are an option or came off of something else...

Looks like you have a great start.


I've just become the owner of a Pepper Red 1953 ST 165. I took a look at the engine ID # looks like 53 ST 2442 and the speedometer matches the pictures of ones found on the 53's. At some point my father-in-law acquired the bike and had it in one of his out buildings for many years. I've been told it was ridden as recently as a few years ago. He liked the year model because it was the same year he graduated from high school. I'll try an post pictures a little later. I'm looking forward to restoring the bike to near original condition over the next few years with the help and advise of club members. Thanks in advance for all the help.