From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: RE: New Owner Date:Mon Sep 1 00:15:07 2014
Response to:19825

You do have an excellent start - much better than what most people start with.

The sheetmetal is all there and in great condition. Your fenders are great - many bikes have bent-up or cut-off fenders - these are expensive, but yours look great. So do the tank, fork panel, and chainguard. Yeah!

The wheels and tires also look in great condition, many people start with rusty wheels and worn-out tires. Rims, spokes, lacing and truing runs into $$$, but yours look great.

The paint looks pretty good. Get a set of tank decals and it'll look even better.

The buckhorn handlebars are a desirable option.

There are a few things missing or wrong, but they are easily correctable.

Your job right now is to get the engine running and get riding - and enjoying it. Yell when you need help.


I've just become the owner of a Pepper Red 1953 ST 165...