From:Gene Underwood
Subject:RE: RE: RE: Russian hummer Date:Sun Sep 14 11:35:06 2014
Response to:19882

Delving further into the history of the Russian motorcycle companies...
Kovrov in 1957 started making the vokshod 175. When you read about ZID,
you realize that in 1957 they started making the book shod 175. What I
think is that e companies all basically were the same company, but did
things slightly different. Being soviet owned and operated, it seems records
were not kept regarding production numbers, etc. I'm hoping to find a
Russian individual in Russia who has worked on and collects info regarding
these little known bikes.there has gotta be some advertising info,
brochures, manuals, etc somewhere out there! Thee must be hoarders in
Russia also. Hmm, maybe a trip in the future? Check it out myself! Gene

Yes it looks very close to the zid k55. Also, as you read about the Russian
bikes, it gets very confusing. It seems the k-125 like I have is the same
factory as zid. There area few differences between the different Russian
ones. Tool box is a little different. The rear fender support is different.on
mine from the picture you can see the engine case is stamped k-125.. Also
the taillight is a little different.. Any more info by anyone I would appreciate!
Thanks, gene

Gene, it looks just like a ZID K55, google that and see what pops up
This is the Russian hummer that didn't sell on ebay. I acquired it.
It's an interesting little bike. I've been told by a few eastern block antique
motorcycle museums that it may be the only one in the USA.
It is a 1954(?) Kovrov Arms Factory K-125.
There were at least 3 companies in Russiaa that made. Lines of the DKW
RT 125. Mockba, Minsk, and Kovrov Arms Factory. Mockba was acquired
by Minsk at some time. Apparently the kovrov arms factory bikes are the
rarest of the three.
Does anyone know anything about this? Research has been difficult at
best! Thanks in advance. Gene