From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: RE: RE: RE: Russian hummer Date:Mon Sep 15 11:17:50 2014
Response to:19883

I did some research into the Russian Hummers years ago, but there was so little information, I gave up.

The USSR really only had one "company". During the cold war, factories making civilian goods were re-purposed to make arms, and purpose-built arms factories with excess capabilities sometimes made civilian goods. With the emphasis on secrecy during that era, I doubt that much in the way of factory records survive.

Likewise with sales brochures. There wasn't any competition, so they didn't need much in the way of "sales" media. A technical manual is probably a better bet.

Over in Germany, DKW was located in the city of Zschopau. At the end of WWII, they woke up one morning to find Zschopau was now in communist-controlled East Germany. DKW moved to West Germany, and resumed production of the RT-125. However, back in Zschopau, the now state-owned factory continued to produce RT-125s under the name IFA (later MZ = Motorrad Zschopau).

We say the Allies got the DKW designs as part of "war reparations". You can spend hours reading about this on Wikipedia, under "Morgenthau Plan", and "History of Germany (194590)". One thing though, the Commies got the original DKW factory!

Side note: the Trabant, the little East German car, had a two-stroke engine.

Literature and parts for DKWs is readily available. I never tried, but I suspect finding anything about the IFA-produced RT-125's would be as tough as finding stuff about the Russian versions.

Keep digging!