From:Richard Duda
Subject:CB14 Date:Fri Sep 19 08:09:36 2014
You are awarded 1 point for each mile you travel. If you get in on time you get all the miles for the day. If you come in late but make all the miles you are awarded the miles but get penalty points on some kinda formula. You will see that in the right column after miles traveled. If you do something wrong you will also loose points. On Wednesday night a few people left the show and tell at the local dealership when a storm blew in and were given 100 point deducts.
The Cannonball is an amazing event. There are people from around the world and all kinds of bikes. Many of the bikes have been prepared well. But the constant mileage and heat each day takes its toll on the bikes and the riders. This is tough.
If interested they are doing a very good job keeping up with daily info on the web site
if you go to the riders section and look for riders blogs there is a link to my blog. I have not been able to update it for a few days due to working each nite and poor internet connections.
I have been running at 45 mph and the last 4 days have pushed it to 47 mph. The days are getting cooler and could probably run at 50-54 mph but I can get in each day at 47 mph so why push it. I have a heat sensor on the rear cyl head bolt and watch my heat all day and can effect the heat by my leg position and using my left hand as a wind deflector. We started climbing a few days ago and were at 10-12,000 feet all day. I leaned out the Linkert and watched my temp and the bike ran fine. The last few days we have been going up and down so have been adjsuting and reading my plugs at night. I have learned that eveeryone's bikes do not like the long days and heat. My motor has a total loss oil and I normally drop my oil at night.
Since day 2 when I had a problem the valves have been tapping so I hand pump throughout the day. 3 days ago I siezed the motor on the interstate and hand pumped oil on it and waited for it to cool down and it started. Holy COw was that close! So now I am dropping my oil once a day and then at night .
Perry has been a great help to everyone. He is VERY good with electrical systems and walks around at night trouble shooting for people.
Thanks Richard Duda