From:dave harper
Subject:super 10 mutt help Date:Sat Oct 18 20:19:43 2014
this question is for anyone, but mutt has been quite nice to me and very knowleagle able, sorta like we are old drinking buddies. but anyway, i freshened up my 1961 super 10 to the best of my knowledge. i have worked on big twins for years, but working on my little hummers has been quite a learning curve for me. the one i am working on now is a 1961 super 10 with the magneto and generator with no battery. i cant get it to fire and i have the correct gap on the magneto and generator points . this little bike sat for probably 20 years before i started working on it, but i went over the wiring pretty good less putting a new wiring harness on it. any suggestions????????????